Paul Messink

Primary Medium: Cast Glass (Pate de Verre)

Artwork Categories: Sculpture

Contact Information

Facebook: PaulMessinkGlassArt
Instagram: Paul_Messink_Glass_Art
Studio Name: Indio Art Center
Studio Address: 45140 Towne St., Indio, California 92201

Biography/Artist Statement

After spending many years focused on painting layers of glass, I'm now casting sculptural objects using small glass particles, following the centuries-old Pate de Verre ("glass paste") technique. Look for more to come in this new body of work!

Angels are strong religious symbols. First responders and other heroes are also considered "Angels Among Us." (Even friends or household members can qualify, as in "Angel, bring me a beer?".)

I also create commissioned memorials of your deceased loved ones or pets using my glass Angel Wings. If desired, a small amount of their remains can be included inside the glass. Please inquire if you are interested.

Artwork Images

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