Alberto Garcia Uria

Primary Medium: Acrylic, oil, charcoal and other media

Artwork Categories: Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Oil Painting

Contact Information

Website: https://www,
Facebook: chasingmymagic
Instagram: chasingmymagic
Studio Name: Studio 6/7
Studio Address: 68845 Perez Road H6, Cathedral City, California 92234

Biography/Artist Statement

I was born in Cuba. At the beginning of the Cuban revolution of 1960, my family migrated to Florida where I grew up. As a kid I would draw everything, from cars to houses to people and animals... just about everything.

My parents kept me well stocked with paper and colored pencils. My dream as a kid was to grow up and design cars one day, then buildings the next. Of course as it often happens my life took a different path, but I never stopped appreciating art in any form. My job took me all over the world which gave me the opportunity to visit great museums and see things and meet people that would all inspire me in my art.

You can see from my work that my subject matter varies and the mediums used also vary. From watercolor to oil and acrylic to cold wax and charcoal, my work reflects how I see the world. Although, deep in all my work there is the essence of my Caribbean heritage. My goal is always to create a piece that has movement and form, but mostly I want the piece to engage the viewer.

With representational work, I try to explain what I see not mimic it. With my abstracts the viewer has the opportunity to see what they see and feel what they feel regardless of my original intent which makes the art a catalyst between the viewer and me. Color is a challenge for me since my partial color-blindness makes it difficult for me to distinguish certain colors… is it lavender or is it light blue? … I face this challenge with every piece as color plays an important role in my work.

I studied abstract painting under Leigh Hyams. I have a degree in Graphic Arts Technology and a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership. Completed a painting and drawing portraiture course and an artistic anatomy course at the Florence Classical Arts Academy, Florence Italy.

Artwork Images

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