Ian L Sitren

Primary Medium: Photography

Artwork Categories: Photography

Contact Information

Email: Ian@SecondFocus.com
Website: https://www.SecondFocus.com
Facebook: Ian.sitren
Instagram: iansitren
Studio Name: SecondFocus
Studio Address: Post Office Box 5327, Palm Springs, California 92263

Biography/Artist Statement

My photography has been a journey through various realms, from the disciplined world of bodybuilding and fitness and the expansive skies of aviation, to the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and the winding roads of adventure. As a professional, I've had the privilege of seeing my work featured in thousands of editorial and advertising platforms, both in print and online. Now, I'm eager to share glimpses of my personal photo shoots, alongside my new ventures into food photography.

I'm sincerely grateful to the Artists Council for providing me with the opportunity to showcase my work at the Artists Center at the Galen. There's much more to come, and I deeply appreciate your interest in my journey. Thank you for taking the time to explore my work.

Artwork Images

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