Arlette Stella

Primary Medium: Acrylic

Artwork Categories: Acrylic Painting

Contact Information

Facebook: n/a
Instagram: KindnessCanvases
Studio Name:
Studio Address: 73408 Buckboard Trl., Palm Desert, California 92260

Biography/Artist Statement

Abstract. Philosophical. Colorful.

These works are intended to urge you to wake up and take wholesome and kind action, NOW, for yourself and others equally.

As a late-blooming, self-taught artist, my deeply philosophical & innately abstract nature inevitably merges in each creation.

Brushes, colors, and surfaces speak to me as I work. Sometimes we hum along and enjoy the exchange. Sometimes, we fight and don’t speak for days. Now and again, we fight, and a sudden color and stroke throws the work in an entirely new direction.

My life and this creative adventure are my way of passing kindness forward as I encourage, urge, and even kick you in your yeah-butt to realize that kindness is the question, the answer, and the reason.

Artwork Images

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