Marcy Cagan

Primary Medium: Collage and Photography

Artwork Categories: Mixed Media, Photography

Contact Information

Facebook: marcy.cagan
Instagram: marcynenecagan
Studio Address: California

Biography/Artist Statement

Marcy Cagan

Marcy Cagan is a collagist and photographer. I became interested in the arts during family treks to the St. Louis Art Museum and exposure to the work of my uncle, a noted painter/cartoonist. It was fostered throughout my education, graduating from Knox College with a BA in Theater. Although Knox did not offer a minor degree, I logged many credits in the art department, including studying art history in Florence, Italy.

Over the years, I have continued my artwork, which brought me to the Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ, where I have studied collage under Harriet Finck for the last twenty-two years. I also worked under the tutelage of Kathleen Anderson (International Center of Photography) in photography. Since moving to California two years ago, my work has primarily been shown at the Artists Council in Palm Desert.

Artwork Images

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