Jeni Bate

Primary Medium: Painting, with a signature refracturing technique.

Artwork Categories: Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting

Contact Information

Facebook: skyscapesforthesoul
Instagram: skyscapesforthesoul
Studio Name: Skyscapes For The Soul
Studio Address: 994 Sea Crest Pl, Salton City, California 92275

Biography/Artist Statement

Jeni works in various painted media to produce impressionist or abstract paintings based predominantly around skyscapes and using her signature refracturing technique. This involves creating one or more different versions of a painting and then cutting it up and reassembling it. The term was recognized by the international collage magazine Kolaj in 2016 as the name for this method, as it differs significantly from true collage.

Her work also usually incorporates poetry written for and painted into the painting, one of the three ways she combines the two sides of her creativity. She frequently works on upcycled and hand-cut surfaces to produce non-rectangular artwork. 'Wisdom of Weather' boxes (or WOW boxes) are an offshoot to this, with the three or four surfaces joined by a single poem on the refractured watercolor or mixed media art.

Books of poetry and painting and individual hand-made cards are also available, and she teaches a 1-day intensive workshop "Painting for Absolute Beginners". Her paintings have won numerous awards, and she shows regularly at regional art fairs and galleries. She has several public art installations both locally and nationally and is open for commissions for both corporate and private spaces.

Jeni is a signature member of Women Painters West and National Association of Women Artists and a member of many other local and national arts organizations.

Artwork Images

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